Health :: Meal Plans

Health :: Meal Plans

Meal plans. Do you use them?


When it comes to plans of any kind, I’m pretty old school. I like writing things out and having a hard copy. I don’t do well with schedules on my phone or computer. Even with the abundance of apps for things like this, I just cant keep on top of adding to them. Maybe one day, but I like writing things out still.

Making my meal plans are no different. I purchased (many years ago) a magnetic meal plan pad for the kitchen fridge. I was really good at using it, and then got off that bandwagon (like I seem to do with everything…) But since I’m deciding to finally start amping up my better health plan, meal plans are essential to this! Keeping on track, making sure that I’m buying all the correct and needed ingredients for the recipes, and the ability to keep track of what I’m eating are all made possible with meal plans.

Since I’m going to following a fairly strict diet in the next couple weeks, having a plan is vital to me not falling off the wagon. I need to be able to keep on top of grocery list planning, and cooking in order to make this work. It’s not going to be easy. It also will require me to do a lot of night prep too, since mornings are not my friend. Maybe I’ll be able to implement more of the Morning Person stuff into effect.

Here are a couple of resources and bloggers that I’ve been following to help me with the meal plan/exercise planning:

I’m super excited and feeling extremely motivated to get this done and keep it up. I need to start eating clean and cutting out the crap in my diet. Wish me luck!

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