I just love getting things in the mail, don’t you?

I’m a big fan of the written word, and am always interested in writing to new people around the world! I currently have a couple around the world and am blessed to call them friends.

Would you like to join?

I’ll send letters, cards, and little things occasionally throughout the year so that you get something in the mail. Fill out the contact information below and I’ll send you something out straight away!

Don’t worry, I’ll never give out your information to anyone (or sell it). I just want to create friendships with the handwritten word. You can check out my privacy policy if you don’t believe me!

Don’t feel comfortable leaving your address with me? Feel free to send me something first!

Jasmine Brink-Li
P.O. Box 26051 Churchill
Mississauga, ON  L5L 5S0