Health :: Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Health :: Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Yes. Pelvic floor physio is a thing.

Did you even know that you had something like this? And that you could get physio for something like this?? Because I didn’t. I had no idea this was even a thing until I started my prenatal classes.

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Jaklyn, from Oakville Family Birth, is one of the teachers in my prenatal class and she suggested going to check it out. She gave a couple recommendations, and EllePhysio is practically across the street from my house. I decided to book an appointment – what did I have to lose?

So I booked an appointment with Karen, and had absolutely no idea what to expect. Let’s just say that you get close real fast with Karen.

The hour long assessment covers a general overview of what my concerns are, how many times I go to the bathroom, how I go to the bathroom (yes, there is a right and wrong way), and an pelvic floor exam.

The pelvic exam is pretty interesting. There’s so much about your body that you just don’t learn about. So much taboo on it, and really, if you can’t look at yourself down there, you shouldn’t let other people. Or, maybe not taboo just a lack of information. In high school, you spend so much time learning about STDs and goofing off with your friends that the anatomy of everything just gets lost. Or maybe they don’t even teach that any more. I can’t even remember.

Anyways, the basic gist is that she gets you to tighten and release, 10 reps holding for a minute and relaxing for 30 seconds. She then can figure out what you need to work on, what your current “fitness” level is, and how to start making it better. And we can always get better. So, for me, my main issue is that I don’t ever fully relax, so that’s what I’m working on now. She gave me homework until the next time I see her, and then we’ll go from there.

As I was pregnant, she taught me how to do some perineum massage, to help relax for labour. This helps prevent tearing during birth, and is something that your partner can help with as well. Anything that can help me heal faster post-birth is a plus in my eyes! She recommends coming back after delivery either 6-8 weeks or whenever you feel comfortable. I haven’t been back yet – but I’ve been feeling really good about my pelvic floor. Any issues that I had with extra bathroom trips was definitely due to being pregnant! I’m still doing the exercises, and trying to maintain drinking more clear liquids a day.

Karen suggested that I try to get up to 32oz of “good liquids”. She doesn’t say that you need to cut out caffeine, but just drink water or juice to put you back on the plus side of the scale. Pretty much it works out that if you have 8oz of caffeine and 8oz of water, that gets you back to zero. Cutting back definitely makes it easier so you can get to a positive amount.

This is definitely something to look into if you have any issues with leaking, or even with sex. If sex is uncomfortable, it might be because your pelvic floor is too tense or “weak” and physio can help with this.

J x

*This post isn’t sponsored, it’s just something that I think should be shared with everyone. Especially since I had no idea this was a thing, so it might help someone out! 

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