Life :: Resolutions & Goal Planning for 2018

Life :: Resolutions & Goal Planning for 2018

Goal planning. Do you set any resolutions?

While I’m definitely of the mind that goal planning and resolutions are a flexible thing, I am always on the bandwagon of setting and re-evaluating goals at the beginning of the new year.

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I feel like this year I have a lot of goals. My main goal this year though?

Learn to Prioritize.

One of the hardest things since having a baby is figuring out what I should be doing during the down times without the bean. Blogging? Reading? Writing letters? Cleaning? Cooking? Most of the time I end of doing none of the above.

But the biggest question is: How?

How do I make it work? The past couple months I’ve been using the Passion Planner, and it’s been good. Although I haven’t been using it up to it’s potential the past couple weeks. One of the harder things is that I don’t keep a regular schedule being at home with the bambino.

While a bunch of things are to be done on a daily basis (exercise, skin care), a couple things like reading, writing, and spiritual will need to be prioritized. I’m thinking that I’m going to need to do a rotation so that I have a specific day and time to accomplish these goals. This might mean going to bed earlier and waking up at a decent time so I have some time at the beginning and end of the day while Kaiden sleeps.

I will also have to have the motivation and DRIVE to accomplish this all. I’m feeling pretty confident about this all right now (especially since I’m up now at 8am writing this) but as with all things, I know that I lose that drive especially with nothing to hold me accountable.

Here’s to planning out the first week of January and creating a schedule to accomplish all my lofty goals.

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What goals do you have? Do you even bother with goal planning or resolutions? Let me know! 

J x

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