Life :: Christmas Card Swap 2016

Life :: Christmas Card Swap 2016

Tis that time of year again! Christmas Card Swap 2016! How does it seem to come by so quickly??

Christmas Card Swap 2016

I absolutely love sending and receiving mail from all around the world, and what a better time than the holidays! There are such pretty cards out there, and tis the season to send a little love out there.

The Rules:

You will be sending out more than one card! If you can’t do this, please don’t sign up. It’s not fair to others to not receive cards when they’ve sent out theirs. 

Depending on the amount of interest, I’ll be creating groups of 4-5 people.

You will send out a card to everyone in your group (excluding yourself, of course). This means that you will send out 3-4 cards and will receive 3-4 cards from around the world!

Fill out the following form, and I will contact you within your groups. You will have roughly 2 weeks to get your cards out so that they hopefully arrive before Christmas!

By including your social media handles, it’ll give your group members a chance to see what you’re like and make it a little more personalized.

*I will not sell your information or give it out to anyone other than your group. I will not send you anything via mail unless you give me permission too. Your address and information will be used only for the swap, and nothing else. 

 Thanks so much for participating!!

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