Baby Bump :: 10 Habits to Keep After Pregnancy

Baby Bump :: 10 Habits to Keep After Pregnancy

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you’ll know. Habits are not my strong suit.

I’m amazing for about 3 weeks, and then something comes up and there goes Jasmine down the rabbit hole to terrible lifestyle choices.

But with pregnancy, I’ve had to make some better habits for my body and actually stick with them because, you know, another person depends on that. (Also on a side note, holy shit another little body is depending on me).

Pregnancy… It’s changed a lot of things and nothing at the same time. But there are a few things that have changed with my habits (once I got over the epic exhaustion on the first trimester) that I’m hoping and really going to try to keep.

  1. Drinking water. I actually crave water now, and I drink it all the time. I’ve had to cut back on the amount of tea I drink, so hot water has taken that place.
  2. Eating breakfast regularly. It took me a little bit to figure out what worked for me, but now I eat yogurt, berries and Vector cereal every morning. It’s possibly my favourite thing (and time) of the day.
  3. Nesting. I’ve been needing to keep the house clean and organized even more now.
  4. Minimal. Yes, my word of the year, but definitely prompted by pregnancy. The need to get rid of clutter has been pushing me for the last couple months. Time to actually put it into practice.
  5. Saving. This one has been a little bit tougher, but saving is obviously front and center! Bambinos aren’t cheap, and getting into a better habit of saving money will only help down the road.
  6. Sleep. I was always a good sleeper, but rarely got to bed on time. Pregnancy has definitely changed that! In the first trimester I was sleeping almost 10-11 hours a night. And sometimes would have a nap! I’m much better now, and don’t need quite as much, but still. I’m getting to bed way earlier, and better able to get out of bed in the morning. Although.. not all mornings…
  7. Skincare. My skin had a crazy sensitivity to pretty much every product I was using, and my skin was so dry! So now I’m taking much better care of my skin, and while I’m not necessarily washing my face twice a day, I’m making sure to take off all my makeup at night. I’m applying cream daily (also to help prevent stretch marks!) and soothe my expanding skin. The body is so weird!
  8. Taking time for myself.  Ok, so this one never was very hard to keep up with, for me. But I think that it’ll be more of a necessity in the coming months. Even if it’s just sitting with a book, making sure I get enough sleep, or taking a shower. You know. Basics.
  9. Spending time with Andrew. Andrew and I have always had a great relationship, but I’ve noticed with the pregnancy he’s been making more of an effort to be home at a decent time. We spend more quality time together, and it usually ties in with number 8. Netflix and chill, anyone?
  10. Exercise.  Won’t lie, the first trimester was tough (I was tired, and just didn’t have any energy). But I was much more active. I was still riding, playing volleyball, and doing tai chi. I stopped riding back in December, as well as volleyball. I’m still doing tai chi, and about to get back into yoga. I honestly can’t wait to get back to fitness/riding once the baby comes!

I know that some things will just be harder once the baby comes, like sleep. And taking time for myself. But I will definitely try! And I think I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve been doing it for so long it feels wrong to not eat breakfast!

J x

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