Stationery :: Snail Mail Organisation

Stationery :: Snail Mail Organisation

Paper organisation. It definitely has a way of getting out of control quickly!

I love snail mail, but I don’t currently have any way of keeping the letters organised. I find myself trying to keep on top of what I’ve sent and which letters I’ve answered – it’s a complete mess.

One of my goals for 2017 is to find a better way to keep track of the pen pals that I’m currently writing.

Now that I’ve almost converted the 2nd bedroom into my “office”, I have such an idea in my head. Instagram is probably one of my guilty pleasures for finding inspiration for desks.

My plan is to use plastic sleeves and MUJI binders. I can’t find any nice binders at conventional stores, and almost lost my cool when I saw that MUJI sold binders.

I’d like to have a couple binders: one for each pen pal. One letter per sleeve, in chronological order. This will make life so much easier! And the nice thing about MUJI binders is that they’re super easy to customise. I am excited to become more creative with my snail mail going forward. AND to stay on top of responding and mail-outs!

I know that I need to get some shelves going, because I just don’t have enough shelving in any of the rooms in my house, but for now, this will do. So until I’ve got those up (which knowing me might be next year), here’s some of what I’m planning to do!

I’m always open for more ideas, so if you have any let me know!

J x

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