Travel :: Roadtrip Beauty Must-Haves

Travel :: Roadtrip Beauty Must-Haves

I always feel so excited and encouraged to get back into a good routine while on vacation because I’m much more relaxed.

But it’s harder when you’re playing with a smaller amount of products! So how do you keep up while on a roadtrip?

My list of roadtrip beauty must-haves are broken down into 3 sections, in no apparent order.

Hair Care

I find when traveling, hair care is probably one of the hardest things to maintain, and the quickest way to show how long it’s been since you’ve seen a real bathroom. While in Europe, the campsite bathrooms were legit. Sure you had to pay for the water but they were so clean and had great water pressure. This time around, I’m not 100% sure how many campgrounds we’re actually going to vs friends houses. So, what to do when the mop on top is getting a little… lackluster?

Dry shampoo all the way! Messy buns! Braids! Time to experiment with some updo’s. Although, I doubt that this will really affect me too much – I think I’ll be able to stick with my every other day routine fairly well! I’m experimenting though, usually I go with Batiste, but I’m trying a new brand this time around.

Skin Care

The most annoying is that most of my face cleansers are in pump dispensers. That makes for an inconvenient way to bring face wash around! They always carry the risk of getting everywhere. So what’s a girl to do?

I think this time around I’ll be bringing just my detox bar soap. I’m absolutely loving this, and even though I normally only use it at night, I think it’ll be fine to use twice a day. I’ll be using sunscreen during the day, and then the Estee Edit overnight cream. I think bringing a serum might get a little too messy in case the bottle breaks! I think I’ll pack a couple face masks as well, to keep my skin hydrated and healthy. Plus, they make for a fun night with the ladies 😉

Make Up

Typically, I’m the kinda girl the only brings powder and mascara with me on a trip (help control shine and all that jazz), but I think that I’m in charge of my makeup for the wedding, and I definitely will need some for the bachelorette party and all the pictures!

So this time around, I’ll be bringing pretty much everything that I use for my face for a night out. Mascara, curler, eye shadow, brow stuff, lipsticks, BB creams, powder, blusher, eyeliners… How much needs to go on a face right? Oh and a concealer for JUST IN CASE. My skin’s been pretty decent, but you know that when you don’t want a zit is when you get one.

If you could only deal with one of these, what would it be? Do you bring more because you’re not flying and have no restrictions? Let me know!

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