Travel :: Reading on Vacations

Travel :: Reading on Vacations

If our last trip (to Europe) is any indication, I love reading on vacations.

On our Europe trip, which was roughly the same length, I read a whopping 19 books. And it’s really just not convenient to lug around 19 hardbacks. You’d need a suitcase just for those!

I’m a huge fan of the classic book in my hand, there are times when having an e-reader just comes in handy. Takes up no room but you can bring so many books with you! Plus the battery life on them lasts much longer than a phone and requires no WiFi or data connection. Big thumbs up from me, for sure.

I’m a huge fan of reading books that aren’t crazy serious by any means. Especially while on vacation. Even though I’m terrible and have a hard time putting books down once I start them (I’m the same with TV…). I’m not planning on bringing too many this time – I don’t want to spend the whole time reading (or watching k-dramas, even though that’s ALL I want to do).

I think I will be bringing the laptop with me just so I can organized and upload pictures as I go… and make sure that I have plenty of storage space on my camera and phone. I have a couple books that I want to read before I come home… and just in case Andrew does send me on a plane I want to have something to do.

So this time around, I’ll be bringing hard copy books! One of them is Fulfilled, and probably a library book (Seraphina). Sorry for lack of pictures!

What do you prefer reading on vacation? Light and fluffy, or dark and serious? Let me know!

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