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Books :: December “Seize the Day” OwlCrate Box

Books :: December “Seize the Day” OwlCrate Box

Seize the Day. Carpe Diem. Looking for a box of goodies to come to your door? It’s been awhile since I’ve done a subscription box, but I decided to take the plunge and do a 3 month run of the OwlCrate box. For my first […]

Life :: Grocery Delivery with Wal-Mart

Life :: Grocery Delivery with Wal-Mart

I’ve finally taken the plunge and made an online grocery delivery. Something that I’ve been wanting to try ever since I’ve had Kaiden is grocery delivery. I’ve been a little wary because I like choosing my own produce. But you know how easy this makes […]

Life :: Christmas Shopping

Life :: Christmas Shopping

Can you believe that it’s less than a month until Christmas??

This year has just flown by! I’m not really ready for it to be the holidays yet, but am I ever ready for it? This will be the first for the bean, and of course, I’m not really even thinking about doing anything special for it. Seeing as he’s only 7 months, he doesn’t really know what Christmas is all about anyways. And he really doesn’t need any toys yet!

But momma, on the other hand, has some major wants this year! Honestly, being at home is probably good and bad on the wallet. Good because I really don’t go any where so I don’t spend money. Bad because that means online shopping. I mostly only do online window shopping… fill up the carts and then just sit on the items.

But with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just passing, that means it’s time to actually press “Purchase” on my current carts. Especially since Ebates Canada has some awesome incentives on a lot of their retailers!

I’m currently interested in a whole bunch of things, but mainly tech and books. I’ve had my eye on these things for what seems like years and now I’m finally taking the leap and getting them. Happy Christmas to me!

So – what Christmas goodies am I filling up my shopping carts with?

I purchased a Crosley turntable, a couple vinyls, the HP Sprocket printer, and a book from Amazon. Nothing too crazy, although that was the most I’ve ever spent at a time on Amazon. I have a lot of classic vinyls, but I wanted a couple newer ones. But I’m picky – it has to be an album that I can listen to repeatedly cover to cover. So, I went with Lights: Skin & Earth, and Florence & the Machines: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. These albums just speak to me on such a level. I can’t wait to hear them on a turntable.

Crosley Turntable

I also picked up some baby clothes for the holidays (to be given to Kaiden on behalf of his Babcia) as well as a couple gifts for friends’ babies. Some new pjs for Christmas Eve! Might have to buy myself and Andrew a new set and start a new tradition! I’m very excited for some Christmas Eve traditions with my little family.

But I think my favourite Christmas shopping was done at the One of A Kind Toronto show this past week!

I think the best part of the One of a Kind show is actually being able to interact with the artists and vendors. I am definitely a repeat buyer from the vendors, although I’ll switch up the stationery vendors for cards, etc. It’s funny because I had almost convinced myself that I wasn’t going to be spending that much and then stumbled upon a chocolatier that we missed the first time around. Go figure.

one of a kind christmas

I picked up some postcards from Hug and Kiss Designs, delicious Newfoundland chocolate for gifts, sassy Christmas cards from I’ll Know It When I See It. 

I  chatted with the creators of Chaiwala Chai (who are literally the nicest people ever) about babies and chai tea and how we’d met at the Toronto Tea Festival (which they won Best Tea at *congrats*) before stocking up on their Masala chai. At the Tea Festival they had sold out of their chai kits – I didn’t let that kit pass me by again! It would be an awesome gift for the tea lover in your life (or like, me a perfect gift to myself).

Chai tea

I can’t really show any other images of the things I purchased because they are gifts and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I honestly love giving gifts, and can’t wait to see the looks on their faces!

What have you purchased lately? 

J x

Stationery :: Miss Rosie Washi Tape Haul

Stationery :: Miss Rosie Washi Tape Haul

There is nothing better when two loves combine. Washi tape, and Studio Ghibli’s Totoro. I’ve seen it around the internet, but never really knew where to find it. I just knew that  it was super adorable and if I did stumble upon it, I wouldn’t […]

Baby Bump :: Shopping Maternity

Baby Bump :: Shopping Maternity

Who knew maternity clothing would be so tough to find? I have been extremely lucky in the fact that I was 5 months pregnant and just recently bought my first maternity item to help extend the life of my jeans. But I’m being extremely frugal with […]

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