Life :: Minimal Living

Life :: Minimal Living

Minimal. Minimalism. Nothing new to the blogging world, and something that I dabbled with last year but didn’t really commit to it.

Until now.

As I was catching up on my blog feed over the holidays, I caught myself up with Lavendaire’s posts. She’s such an inspiration when it comes to  life goals, minimal living, and just in general. She was talking about having a ‘theme’ for the year, a word or an idea that you want to centre your goals or life around that year. I decided that my word this year would be ‘Minimal’.

It’s crazy how easy it is to become a pack rat. It definitely runs in my blood (my dad loves collecting things, and could definitely be a hoarder if not for my mom) so it’s a slippery slope for me. Already you can tell I have a harder time throwing things out… Look at all the paper stuff I’ve hoarded collected over the years.

MInimal Living

I’ve definitely been feeling the need to purge some more of the items in my house, especially with cleaning up the basement and getting that completely renovated.

So, here are some of the areas that I’m going to purge with minimal living intentions first:

  • Jewellery
  • Clothing (the old and sentimental stuff)
  • Make Up
  • Unwanted decor items (presents…)
  • Towels
  • Paper Stuff
  • Kitchen Stuff/Appliances
  • Tupperware (how does this stuff add up so quickly?!)

I plan on tackling at least one of these a weekend, especially the big ones like the kitchen. Some of them I could do in a night, like the jewellery or make-up, but the kitchen will be a major endeavour. Oh joy.

My favourite references on minimal living online are:

The Private Life of a Girl – my favourite posts are 3 Steps for Introducing Minimalism into Your Life, Declutter Your Life, and 15 Useless Items to Get Rid Of.

Lavendaire – She has a whole playlist on YouTube dedicated to this, as well as this new year post.

Let me know what your word of 2017 might be, and where you might need a little ‘minimal’ in your life. 

J x

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