Baby Bump :: One Month Already

Baby Bump :: One Month Already

Happy One Month, Kaiden!

Honestly though, how has it already been a month? It’s gone by like a blur, and I’m totally not ready for him to grow up yet.

So what have we been up to this month?

I know that I’ve been a little quiet here, but it’s been tough to juggle things! Getting used to running things on his schedule, and not mine has been awesome but tough at the same time.

Andrew took the week from my delivery and after the baby came home off to be around to help out at home and at the hospital. It was fantastic and so nice to have him home, but then he had to go back to work. I’ve been extremely grateful that I have the full support of my mother, and she’s been over almost every day. But with no Andrew around to cook meals, and things going back to semi-normal has been an adjustment.

The first 2 weeks of his life, we co-slept in the bed with him. It made it easier, and it took a little pressure and worry off of me because I was worried about not being able to hear him. Once he hit 2 weeks, and I felt more comfortable in my role as mother (& that I would wake up when he cries), Andrew and I moved him to his own room. And he’s doing so well with it! What a champ. It’s more on me, as I’m the one who needs to get my ass out of bed at 3am, but it’s easier to do now that it’s summer and not cold outside.

An average day looks like:

We wake up around 3am for a midnight feeding. If we’re feeling awesome, then he immediately goes back to sleep and doesn’t require rocking and comforting for an hour. Back to bed!

He’s back up any where between 6 and 8am, and depending on how tired I’m feeling, I might head to the sofa for a nap with Kaiden. This nap usually lasts about an hour or so, and then we feed again if he wants. Then we just hang out! Lately, he hasn’t really been napping during the day, on and off for maybe an hour-hour and a half at a time. During this time, I try and get some things done around the house, if I can. Sometimes he’s fussier and falls asleep on me and doesn’t want to be put down, so that changes that!

And pretty much that’s my day until Andrew or my mom comes over/home. Then I can pass Kaiden off and hop into the shower or do something else! Depending on time, either mom or Andrew or I will get dinner together.

Usually, we get to bed around 12ish, and start the whole thing over.

BUT, since he was born, we’ve had visitors almost every day, and I’ve been out and about. Dr’s appointments, going for walks, going to the grandparents, and even going to a wedding! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, and he’s such a good baby. I’m getting more comfortable being out in public and having him cry, or having to breastfeed.

It’s made things a bit easier because he’s pretty chill in most situations now.

He’s growing up so darn quickly, and I’m not ready for it!!! 

J x

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