Baby Bump :: Nursery Room

Baby Bump :: Nursery Room

The time is flying by, and the nursery room is almost complete.

Andrew and I converted the office into the nursery for the baby, and it was definitely slow going. We really didn’t get cracking on this until a couple months before the baby came!

We decided that we wouldn’t be changing the colour – it’s currently a grey-blue and gender neutral. I kind of have a general idea of what I’d like to do, but who knows if that will actually happen? It hasn’t happened with the rest of the house yet. #procrastinator.

It’s almost complete!

The nursery isn’t a big space, so once the crib, change table, and nursing chair go in, there really won’t be room for much else. It would be nice to have a small bookshelf, floor lamp, and storage for when it’s a little bit older. I have a bunch of prints and art pieces to be framed and will be perfect for the nursery/kid’s room. Right now, I am obsessed with things that don’t really matter. Like, a cute laundry hamper. (I actually want 2 of these: kitchen and nursery). Random, I know.

I just want the space to be comfortable, and able to grow with the baby until they graduate to the 2nd bedroom. Then the 2nd child might be along, and we’ll need to upgrade the house.

Still To Do List:

  • Put up blinds
  • Put up shelves and pictures

I was extremely fortunate to be blessed with such a supportive family and friend system, as I got so much stuff at the baby shower the grandmas-to-be threw for me. My mother is also amazing, and is really the one the put the room together, and my in-laws put all the furniture together for us. Let’s just say that if it weren’t for them, we’d probably still have nothing done. And we have a kid?! Sometimes I wonder about us.

Some days, the to do list seems endless, but it really isn’t that bad. But the bambino came before I got my list finished! 

J x

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