Books :: Richelle Mead

Books :: Richelle Mead

Author Spotlight : Richelle Mead

This is a new monthly series that I’m starting! A lot of the time, when I find a book that I really enjoy I’ll devour the entire author’s body of work. Sometimes, (most of the time) I end up loving everything that they write, and I can’t wait until the publish something else. Other times, I love their work so much that it becomes something that I read at least a couple times a year. These authors are ones that I think need to be talked about (a lot) and this is my way of spotlighting great authors!

Richelle Mead
Richelle Mead – via her website

This month’s author is Richelle Mead. Her most notable series is probably the Young Adult Vampire Academy series. Also a favourite of mine which I own and re-read. She’s written over 25 books, and they all have a mythological twist to them. I love the diversity of her books, and the myths that she covers. They’re fascinating!

Her Young Adult series include:

1 //  Vampire Academy (series of 6 novels)

2 // Bloodlines – which takes place in the Vampire Academy world (series of 6 novels)

3 // The Glittering Court (new series that started this year)

4 // Soundless (a standalone novel)

I haven’t read The Glittering Court, or Soundless yet but you know that they’re on my library hold list. Vampire Academy has been made into a movie (which isn’t bad – kind of a guilty pleasure watch), as well as graphic novels. The graphic novels I haven’t read yet, but the art looks decent and if it follows the story they should be great as well. I haven’t finished the Bloodlines series, but I believe that it’s finished so I’ll have to do a re-read since I can’t really remember what’s going down. But I enjoyed learning more about characters that really only got a brief introduction in the Vampire Academy series.

Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy

Her Adult series include:

1 //  Georgia Kincaid (series of 6 novels)

2 // Age of X (series of 3 books (new one 2016!!!))

3 // Dark Swan (series of 4 novels)

I haven’t read her Dark Swan series, but I quite enjoyed the Georgia Kincaid (Succubus) series, which mingles demons and angels, as well as the idea of soul mates. The Age of X series I’m so excited that she has a new one coming out for it. With my love of Norse mythology, it’s just amazing. A high-tech after a major world fallout world faces off against Gods/Goddesses that aren’t willing to be pushed back and forgotten. Just read them. SO GOOD. (I’ll have a full review out soon!)

You can find out more information about Richelle and her series on her social media (Twitter/Facebook/Blog) and her website. Have you read any of her books? Which was your favourite? Any suggestions for authors to spotlight? Let me know!

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