Baby Bump :: Kaiden’s First Christmas

Baby Bump :: Kaiden’s First Christmas

Baby’s first Christmas. What a momentous occasion!

Although Kaiden will only be 7 months old and not really old enough to “know” what’s going on (I think next Christmas will be more exciting since he’ll be a year and a half), it’s still exciting to celebrate the first Christmas and start some new traditions with my growing family.

While this year I’m not 100% feeling the holiday spirit yet but I’m still excited for the upcoming festivities. I haven’t listened to really one Christmas song yet! But we’re hosting a party and I’ve got so much to do. Other than that party, we aren’t hosting anything else at our house.

We’ll be spending Christmas eve at Andrew’s parents house, and then Christmas brunch with my family.

I’m not buying him any gifts (he’s got so much stuff already!) but I know that he’ll be getting some outfits from his Babcia and Grandpa. Plus, it’s not like he needs any toys right now!

My company’s Christmas party was this past weekend and my in-laws came over to baby-sit. While they were baby-sitting, they also got a crack start on decorating the house. Andrew and I are hosting a holiday party this coming weekend and so much still needs to be done for it. We’re making a turducken so it’ll be a big spread! We’re also planning on hosting about 35-40 people. Go big or go home, right? I dug out some old records and have been playing them non-stop (the first bit of holiday music I’ve been listening too!). I’m looking forward to it.

This year, we’re also not doing a tree – instead decorating the MANY citrus trees that Andrew likes to cultivate. With the baby play mat in the middle of the living room we just don’t have the space for a large tree. Not quite as festive, but what can you do when one doesn’t have a basement? (I will need to do a home update… just so people can see what I’m living/dealing with right now! Once the house is all cleaned and organized for the party I will take a ridiculous amount of pictures).

The traditions might change as the bean gets a little older, since I’ll want to stay at home Christmas Eve so we can have a solid routine for the night. I’d like to be home to get the Christmas morning stuff ready too. Because the next couple years we’ll actually have something under the tree for him! I love the idea of getting him bathed, ready for bed, and reading A Night Before Christmas and having him ready for Santa. I do miss the fact that we don’t have a real wood-burning fireplace, but we shall survive.

What traditions do you have for your family during the holidays?

J x

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